Replacement Coils UK

Vape Universe understands that choosing new or Replacement Coils isn’t always easy. When it’s time to replace the coil, you’ll have everything you need right here at Vape Universe. We stock a wide range of Replacement Vape Coils for every device, including Jomo Tech Lite Replacement Coils from top vape brands.

A Vaporizer Coil is a metal casing that surrounds a wick, which is usually organic cotton. The wick absorbs the e-liquid and, when heated and inhaled, creates the vapor and delivers a hit of flavor and nicotine. Electronic cigarettes are designed to be vaped regularly throughout the day, which means that the cotton is reheated several times a day. This way the cotton will burn naturally and when this happens you may experience a burning taste or your device may not work as well as when you first bought it.

Heavy vapers, who vape continuously throughout the day, may need to Replace Vape Coils every five to seven days. Vapers who constantly vape, but only get a puff or two at a time, may find that their E-cigarette Coils last 14 days. Light vapers who get a few puffs here and there but are never constantly plugged into their e-cigarette can see their Coils last up to three weeks or even longer. Vape Universe offers a wide range of Replacement Vape Coils in the UK from leading manufacturers.

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