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Nic salt or (nicotine salt) e-liquid is natural nicotine extracted from tobacco leaves rather than with chemicals with the help of using advanced technologies. The most sensational innovation in the E-cigarette industry is Nicotine Salts. Before the Nicotine Salts, freebase e-liquids were the great alternative we were had in the past that were available in the strength of 3mg-6mg. In freebase e-liquid, moving at a higher nicotine level meant a very raspy throat hit. However, a slighter level of nicotine wasn’t enough for the cravings of traditional smokers.

Nicotine salts are chemically modified by which vapers can consume a higher level of nicotine and enjoy the mild throat hits with an exciting and wide range of Nic salts juices.

The most significant benefit of Nicotine salt E-liquid use is that you can enjoy a harshness-free smooth inhale with a higher nicotine strength. Nic Salts are beneficial for new vapers who just quit smoking. It is easy and convenient to use Nic Salts E-Liquids because they are used in Pod Kits which are easily operatable. Pod Kits are low-powered and small-sized devices that instantly produce tactful vapors by vaporizing the E-liquid. Nic salts generate thin clouds that allow the users to vape in closed environments without making it hazy. As compared to Nic salt e-liquid, freebase e-liquids which are present in large mod kits turn a human into cloud producing steam engine. Nicotine allowed by Nic salt e-liquids enters the bloodstream at a rate similar to cigarettes. Nic salts can store longer and in a much better way because they are chemically stable as compared to conventional E-liquids.

Nic salt e-liquids can be used in any standard atomizer tank with having capacity of 10ml which is the same as a standard bottle of E-liquid. Nicotine salts should only be used with POD systems and with MTL Kits such as Naked Nic Salts, Solace Nic salts, Double Drip Nic Salt, Dinner Lady Nic Salts, and many more Best Vape Kits for Nic Salts are available to check out below.

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