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Vape Universe’s e-liquid range includes everything from menthol to strawberry to butterscotch to cherry cola. There are vape juice flavors to cater to every taste: nostalgic sweet shop favorites, indulgent desserts, straightforward fruit, menthol, or tobacco juices, and even more unique blends containing aniseed, nuts, or spices. You can even mix your e-liquid to find a unique vape flavor you like; for example, mixing blueberry and tobacco to find the perfect match for your taste buds. Ex-smokers who make the switch to vaping are often amazed at the sheer range of flavor profiles available: no longer will you have to choose between tobacco or menthol when you get your nicotine fix! There are all kinds of brands manufacturing complex, artisanal e-liquids that are perfect for a whole range of different situations: dessert e-liquids that are perfect for after a meal; coffee vape liquid for caffeine-free relaxation; menthol blends to keep you feeling fresh throughout the day; and many, many more.

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